Our Services: from Vision to Implementation

SB Friedman works closely with municipal, institutional and corporate clients to evaluate development potential; project financial feasibility; identify innovative public-private development solutions; and prepare implementable development strategies.

Public-private financing partnerships are an essential part of most major efforts to foster high-quality economic development, community revitalization and infrastructure projects. SB Friedman offers a unique, rigorous approach to facilitation, evaluation and structuring of these partnerships, whether on behalf of government, private or institutional/nonprofit clients.

Bond Financing and Loan Guarantees
Administration & Asset Management Services
Affordable Housing Finance
Infrastructure Finance and Value Capture

SB Friedman advises municipalities, universities, health care institutions and other land owners with regard to the best means to maximize the value and stewardship of real estate.  Our services are based on the concept that successful projects result from the synthesis of economic potential, physical capacity and client/community goals. 

Securing Incentives
Development Programming
Developer Solicitation
Deal Structuring and Negotiation Support
Facilitating Public Decision-Making

Real estate economics are often the core factors that determine whether and how a project will “work.” This includes assessment of the market potential for a given development program through review of market demand and competitive supply. Real estate financial analysis then builds on this foundation by analyzing whether the project will be financially feasible, as proposed.

Financial Feasibility
Public-Private Financial Structuring
Gap Financing Analysis

We have expertise in determining the development potentials and economic impacts associated with transportation improvements, the net fiscal impact from proposed development projects, and the direct and indirect job generation associated with business/institutional activity, development or transportation projects.

Development Impact of Transportation Projects
Fiscal Impact Studies
Fiscal Balance
Economic Impact

Every client has unique planning needs and goals. We have expertise in developing area plans and implementation strategies in both big cities and small towns. Our approach synthesizes community goals and input, market and financial considerations, and physical constraints to develop community-supported, implementable area plans.

Transit-Oriented Development (TOD)
Corridors and Interchanges
Subarea / District Plans
Comprehensive Plans
Catalytic Sites

While communities need long-term, comprehensive plans, it is also important to formulate five- to ten-year action plans to address critical problems, seize near-term opportunities, and focus on subareas such as downtowns, commercial districts, industrial potentials or transit-oriented opportunities.

Target Sector Analysis
Housing Needs & Assessment Strategies